douglas booth as adam kent pls :)

Already done here <3

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So I've shipped Juliette and Warner since the first book because I sometimes root for the bad guy and I've always thought they would be a good couple. Thoughts? (The bad guy is not always that bad.)

I never shipped them so my thoughts would definitely be very different from yours haha, but yes the bad guy is not always that bad.

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Shatter Me fan cast → Ansel Elgort as Adam. Requested by anonymous

Shatter Me fan cast → Theo James as Adam. Requested by anonymous

So I finished Ignite Me yesterday and I'm kinda mad. The ending was rushed, I would have liked more. I want to see how Juliette became the supreme. I also felt there should have been more in the end, sure I love that Juliette was basically indestructible, but it was rushed and Anderson didn't fight back like any other villain would have, I feel like Tahereh should have put more in, made it harder for Juliette to win.

You’re not the only one who mentioned that. Like I said in the previous asks, I guess Tahereh wanted to leave the readers with a slight open ending for us to imagine how she became the supreme etc…I was actually hoping it was either going to be Warner or Adam who killed Anderson, but still as long as he’s gone and the characters can live in peace x

are you in favor of zac efron as adam? i think he's not the right one to play as adam

I am actually. Well that’s your opinion and is fine. I mean that’s the nice thing about books, you can imagine whoever you want just by reading the details the author wrote.

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