Yeah! Look my last picture, he could maybe play Aaron ;)

Yup, that’s him xo

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You know.. I dont even know who can play Aaron because Aaron is just perfect and his personnality is really full of feelings & his body is just woah and single so i reallly don't know who can be able to play Warner :/ have you got ideas?

Casting characters described looking perfect, is very hard haha. I see Hunter Parrish. 

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I’ve put up a new theme on Shatter Me Fans! It’s pretty simple and I know the themes lately on here haven’t been so “fan site-ish” if you know what I mean, but still hope you all like and enjoy it. Please be sure to message me if you face any issues navigating through. Your feedback also means a lot, so leave a comment on what you think of the new theme!


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And Zac Efron is great too as Adam! Sorry if my question/s is long, it's just that I have high hopes for the film version and I really don't want it to flop like other YA books to film versions (like "The Mortal Instruments" and "Beautiful Creatures" in my opinion)... But Hunter Parrish is GORGEOUS

It’s fine! Yes, I love Zac as Adam. I wish The Mortal Instruments did better, I thought the movie was great and the casting was amazing. 

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